Miss Joann 3s - Prisco

May 3

Our butterfly life cycles are comlpete as are our real butterflies.  The class enjoyed watching the different stages. All of our caterpillars hatched and we will release the butterflies this week. Almost done with the journals. Adding hand butterflies for B and a mouse for M.  We also got in a little scissor time, please… Read More

April 27

During during B week we read Bear Counts and Butterflies.  The class enjoys watching the transformation of the caterpillars into their crysilis. They used water colors and droppers to create the wings that will attach to their beaded caterpillar.  Those caterpillars were inserted into the painted crysilis. Outside with Miss Randi’s class the children picked… Read More

April 22

So many ways to learn about the letter C.  We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Butterlies.  This book explained the life cycle of a caterpillar.  Our caterpillars arrived and the class has enjoyed watching them grow and move. Each student made a caterpillar with beads.  They then painted a crysilis. We will add wings… Read More

April 15

E week let us explore eggs.  Each child painted an egg after we read Chester’s Colorful Eggs.  This was quite tricky since it was a real egg and they had to be very careful not to break it. The sensory tables were filled with rice and shaving cream.  Each had eggs to fill and dump.… Read More

Apr 8

No school Friday the19th and Monday the 22nd During U week we read The Big Umbrella and The yellow Umbrella. We had alot of STEAM activities for the children to try.  They balanced plastic eggs on straws, used small cups and blocks to create , poured and measured water in containers, and used our class… Read More

Apr 1

We discussed rainbows and rain during R week. Adding water colors to the playdough gave us rainbow playdough. The class then used the playdough to color sort buttons and sticks. The sensory tables included colored chick peas and water with rainbow eggs. Our rain experiment. The water was the air, shaving cream the clouds and… Read More

Mar 18

During K week we discussed kangaroos.  The class learned the babies are called joeys and that they are marsupials.  Getting to wear a pouch and carry a Joey was the highlight of the week.  To create the pocket each child painted  and sewed paper together.  Before painting they wrote their name, I am seeing some… Read More

March 11

During G week we read 10 Little Gingerbread Men.  We decorated a gingerbread house and made gingerbread cookies. The class is working on writing thier names.  Each should be able to write and spell their name before 4 yr old preschool. It does not need to be perfect as the will continue to practice next… Read More

March 4 updated with pictures

I was able to get pictures, they are sideways.  Better than nothing!   What a great dinosaur week! Our first story Dinosaur Roar introduced opposites.  The class really enjoyed acting out opposites, as you may imagine quiet and loud was the most fun.  We also read Dinosaur Stomp and Dinosaurs. We made fossils in many… Read More