Miss Joann 3s - Eola

Mar 1

Thank you for remembering extra clothes for outside.  It was great to see the class run and play.  Hoping for many more outside days! For D week we read Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Stomp, Dinosaur Roar and Groovy Joe and Dogs and Ice Cream.  The class colored popsicle sticks they used to make ducks.  While making the… Read More

Feb 22

Next week temperatures are looking above 30.  We will try and get the class outside.  Please send boots, hats, snow pants and mittens.  Practice with your child how to get each on, looking forward to letting them run. This week  we looked at the letter F.  We read Farms and Going to Sleep on the… Read More

Feb 15

No school Feb 26 teacher institute Our class just keeps growing!  This week we had Piyush and Charlie join us.  As I mentioned after class continue to work on your child putting on their own coat and back pack.  I can zip them all no need to worry about that.  When the weather warms, I… Read More

Feb 8

We talked a lot about volcanos in V week.  The class loved when our volcano erupted in the snow. The class enjoyed the new toys in the gym. Using scissor skills and straws we made volcanos.  They look awesome!   We had a Northern Illinois s student observing our class.  Mr Ty will make a… Read More

Feb 1

We have another new friend!  Elsa joined our class on Wednesday. I want to thank you again for all you hard work in keeping the children in person.  I understand completely what difficult decisions you are all facing at this time.  I feel immensely blessed that each of you trust your child with me! This… Read More

Jan 25

What a fantastic S week.  It’s been years since it has actually snowed while we were talking about it in class.  We read Sneezy the Snowman.  This book leads to a great science lesson. Sneezy tries to stay warm by drinking hot chocolate, taking a warm bath and sitting by a campfire.  Using the snow… Read More

Jan 18

This week I introduced the letter P.  We read Penguins Love Colors, Polar Bears, A Polar Bear in the Snow, Penguins Love Counting and Penguins.  The class loved both Arctic animals we read about. In our journals the children added Penguins then made ice cream cones to help spell and write our names.   We… Read More

Jan 11

No School Monday We had a fantastic week!  This week the letter I was introduced. We read Igloos, Curious George Makes an Igloo and 10 Silly Penguins skating on Ice. The class had a great time playing with ice cubes.  First they were given droppers and water to melt the ice.  The ice did not… Read More

Jan 4

No School   Jan 18   Martin Luther King This week we talked about the letter W.  We read A Winter Day,  Lucky Pennies and Hot Chocolate, The Mitten and the Snowy Day. The class spooned on paint to create a beautiful array of colors. We will use these papers to make mittens. It is… Read More

Dec 14

School resumes Jan 6 I am wishing you all a happy and healthy break!  Thank you for trusting in me to keep your children safe in this uncertain time. This week we talked about the letter Q.  We read The Quiet Loud Forest and Quiet Bunny Noisy Puppy.  The opposites in each book are so… Read More