Miss Joann 2s - Prisco

May 3

Sorty I missed you on Thursday, I was traveling down to SIU to pick up my daughter for the summer. We finished our fork painting bears. With Miss Polly the made mice to go with the book they read, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. They also played a number matching game.   Decorating… Read More

April 29

We read Bear Counts and Baby Bear Counting.  Using forks we spread brown paint to make a bear head.  We will add eyes and a nose next week. The class also began making Mother’s Day gifts, sorry no pictures for that surprise😊   Great sharing, taking turns , and using good words this week! Rain,… Read More

April 22

The class enjoyed watching our caterpillars grow.  They are at my house now and beginning to form their crysilis. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and ballon painted our own caterpillars.   Practicing counting and fine motor skills with candles and cakes. Washing cars. Wonderful Playtime sharing and imagination.… Read More

April 15

Shaving cream and eggs in the water table were a huge hit! The class painted real eggs and used plastic eggs to marble paint.   Using tongs to color sort pom poms into egg cartons. I also added plastic eggs to the play dough. The bikes are so fun after music time with the 3… Read More

Apr 8

The class did fantastic finding their names to hang on the wall. Before school ends I will rewrite the names without the block letter at the beginning. This is how they will see their name next year.  The name will go home with you so the children can practice. So many STEAM activities that help… Read More

Apr 1

We had a rainbow week.  We read White Rabbit and Colors, the rabbit found various pots of paints and took a dip in each to create new colors.  Using the primary colors we mixed and were able to dye chic peas into all the colors of the rainbow. We then painted our hands to make… Read More

Mar 18

Have a wonderful spring break see you April 2! So much imagination and cooperation with this group. I really cannot express what a wonderful group they have gone past the parallel play and are eager to play with each other.  I hear each asking others to play, also asking to have a turn with a… Read More

March 11

We read Go Away Big Green Monster.  The class mixes yellow and blue paint to make their own Big Green Monster.  They added the facial features when it dried.  This book also led to a color sort activity with skittles. Playdough, this class is always cooking.  This week they added pretend timers, they love to… Read More

March 4

Sorry about the sideways pictures, the district has switched systems we used and looks like we need to fix a few issues. For dinosaur week we read Dinosaur Roar and Dinosaur Stomp. So much fun making fossils in play dough Making dinosaur cookies. Great helpers! Friends working together on towers, such great cooperation! Sensory tables… Read More