Miss Holly Pre-K - Eola

January 11th-15th 2021

Hello Parents!  This week in PM Pre-K we talked about Artic animals. We discussed how they protect themselves and how the hunt and what they like to eat and how these animals like it in the snow and cold. In art we made penguins, polar bears and snowy owls. Our letter this week was Jj… Read More

January 4th-8th 2021

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a relaxing winter break. I was so happy to see my preschool friends back in class. This week our theme was snow. We talked about what snow is made from and that we are still in the winter season, as well as, what kind of things we should wear… Read More

December 14th, 15th and 16th

Hello Parents!  Happy Holidays!  What a fun and festive week in PM Pre-K. We finished our holiday off with talking about a couple of holiday things that came from Mexico, like the poinsettia plant,  the kids hitting festive piñatas and how they say Feliz Navidad for Merry Christmas. In art we made wreaths and poinsettias.… Read More

December 7th-11th 2020

Hello Parents!  This week in PM Pre-K we continued our discussion on Christmas. We had fun making Christmas cards, that came from England, decorated holiday light bulbs and made cute Santas. We have been busy singing Christmas songs and getting into the spirit. Our letter was Gg this week and we talked about it has… Read More

November 30-December 4th 2020

Hello Parents!  In Pm Pre-K this week we are talking about Christmas and holiday traditions from Germany. We learned that Germany was where the first Christmas tree and the gingerbread man came from. The children from there call Santa St. Nick and the put out shoes instead of  hanging stockings to be filled with small… Read More

November 23 and 24

Happy Thanksgiving to all my families. This was a short week for preschool. We spent time reviewing letters, math concepts and our phonics in language. We made Pilgrim and Native American puppets and used those to tell the first Thanksgiving at circle time. The kids enjoyed playing “mother may I” and “Mr. Fox”, and of… Read More

November 16th-20th 2020

Hello Parents!  This week in PM Pre-K we continued our theme and talks on the first Thanksgiving. We played a fun game to help us learn about where the Pilgrims came from and how they traveled to get to the new land and where they landed. Our letter this week was F and the kids… Read More

November 9th-13th 2020

Hello Parents!  This week in PM Pre-K we are talking about the first Thanksgiving, and what we are thankful for. We discussed who were the pilgrims and where they came from and how they met the Native  Americans. We also talked about what the kids eat for their Thanksgiving meals. The kids came up with… Read More

November 2nd-6th

Hello Parents!  Our class went “down on the farm” this week. We talked about farm animals, what they like to eat and how the farmer takes care of them. The kids enjoyed singing “old Macdonald” and coming up with animal sounds. For art we made deconstructed pigs, paper plate cows, hand print sheep and popsicle… Read More

October 26th-30th 2020

Happy Halloween Parents!  What a fun week it has been with all my little ghosts and goblins. Our theme  this week was pumpkins and spooky things. We had so much fun singing spooky songs and playing Halloween games, like “ghost in the grave yard” and pass the goblin. In art we made jack o lanterns,… Read More