Deedee Buscher - Preschool Coordinator

Spring is Here!

It is hard to believe, but the end of the year is right around the corner!  This week you should have received your invitation to our Spring Fling, "An Evening at the Museum" which will be on Monday, May 6th from 5pm-7pm at Eola Community Center. It is very important that if you plan to… Read More

Is it almost spring?

It sure has been nice to see the sun this week--even if it has only been for a few hours! This winter needs to end and we need to be able to get the kiddos outside everyday to get the fresh air. As the temperature slowly start to rise, please be mindful of what you… Read More

Crazy Winter Weather!

This has been one week of very crazy weather! I hope that everyone stayed warm and that your cars and furnaces functioned well through the Polar Vortex. I don't ever remember having had so many snow/cold days in one week! This week serves as a very important reminder to be sure to have registered for… Read More

Lots of important dates!

I hope that you are all ready for the snow that is predicted to come this way this weekend! Lucky for us, Monday is a holiday and you won't have to bring the kiddos out in the cold! There are a few days coming up that we will need to be taking off that were… Read More

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope that you enjoyed the winter break with your children and that you created many lasting memories! If your child is in the 2s or 3s classes, they should have received a registration packet in class this week for next school year. Included in this packet are all of the necessary… Read More

The Excitement Has Begun!

The excitement is in the air!  The children and teachers have been busy preparing for the winter holidays.  There has been baking, presents being made, and lots of fun crafts being made.  Many of the classes have been learning about all different types of holidays celebrated around the world. Fun has been had by all!… Read More

November 26-30

What a week we have had! I don't ever remember having a snow day so early in a school year.  I hope that you all enjoyed your extra day with your kiddos!  This storm serves as a perfect example of the importance of signing up for the Rainoutline text and email alerts.  An alert was sent… Read More

What a week of weather!

I guess Mother Nature decided to move into winter a bit early this year!  Hard to believe the amount of snow that we have already gotten this year. On snowy days, we ask that if your child wears snow boots to school, that he/she brings a pair of shoes to change into. It is hard… Read More

Thank you...again!

I know that I said it last week, but thank you for all the support in our fall fundraiser! With the final tally in, we made a profit of almost $3400!  That is super exciting to me because with that money and some funds from our spring fundraiser, I will be able to purchase a… Read More

Thank you!

I would like to extend a big thank you to all of you who participated in our fall fundraiser.  You helped us raise almost $3000!  This money will be used to purchase tablets for the classrooms.  The tablets will be used for picture taking, research, music, and short educational videos, among other things.  By bringing… Read More