Deedee Buscher - Preschool Supervisor

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Today would have been the official very last day of preschool.  It is hard to believe that the 2020-21 school year is over.  While it wasn't the year that we had planned on, it was a great year.  Instead of being able to say good-by and congratulate each child individually on a job well done,… Read More

Insect fun and exploration!

The theme for today is insects.  We have so much fun exploring this topic in preschool.  An insect has a well-defined head, a thorax (the middle section) and an abdomen.  They have 3 pairs of legs and one or two pairs of wings.  Bees, flies, and ants are some examples of insects.  Today, I invite… Read More


The last stage in the life of a butterfly is the emergence of the butterfly.  Today’s activity is to open up the caterpillar/chrysalis and to form a butterfly.  This can be done in so many different ways.  If you have a thicker paint (not watercolors), you can have your child put some blobs on one… Read More

Speckled Frogs

Today I am including the link for a favorite song among the preschool crowd—5 Green and Speckled Frogs.  You can build an entire day around this song learning, singing, counting, and creating. First, have your child watch the video a couple of times and sing along with it doing the movements.  Then you can… Read More

Words of Wisdom and Life Cycles

Two days in a row of beautiful weather!  I’m so thankful for the sun.  Yesterday I was able to take my computer outside on my patio and enjoy the sun while doing some virtual learning.  I’ve been doing so many webinars and learning so very much.  This is the silver lining for me during this… Read More

Outside letter fun and evaporation!

I love waking up to the sun and knowing that it is going to be around for most of the day.  It makes the day so much better and puts me in a much better mind-set.  With the forecast for gloomy and cold weather over the weekend, I thought we should take the opportunity to… Read More

Our Wonderful Human Body

Today’s activity is brought to you by Ms. Laura at Blackberry Farm.  Let’s talk about our bodies today and all of the important things it does.  For the younger ones, you may want to make it very basic and focus on those things that they can see like their hands, mouth, nose, etc.  For the… Read More

Birds! Birds! Birds!

The sun is shining again this morning!  Yay!  Today, I’d like you to take some time to take a walk or spend some time outside having your child use their senses of sight and hearing to find birds.  Bring a clipboard or hardcover book with you and some paper and crayons.  Have your child draw… Read More

Windy Day Fun!

Wow!  Hold onto your hats today!  As beautiful as the sun is, it is cold and windy.  I thought that the perfect topic for today would be wind.  While we are at school we talk about being able to see the wind move things and how we can feel it when we are outside.  Ask… Read More

Music Monday

Today is the start of  Week of the Young Child. This week we will have a different theme each day that goes along with the plan that NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) provides.  Today is Music Monday and I’d like you all to try to expose your children to different genres… Read More