PLEASE NOTE: Swim lesson programs at Waubonsie Valley HS (in the fall activity guide) have been cancelled due to logistical issues. We are currently working to accommodate more of these programs at the Vaughan Athletic Center but do not have final details as of this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Fox Valley Park District

Departments & Staff

Fox Valley Park District Executive Team

Jim Pilmer
Jim Pilmer
Executive Director

Jeff Palmquist, CPRP
Sr. Director of  Planning,
Research and Grants


Diana Erickson, CPRP
Sr. Director of Finance
& Administration

John Kramer
Director of Park Operations

David Summer
Chief of Police
and Public Safety
DanLeahyDan Leahy
Director of Marketing and Communications
Jaime IjamsJaime Ijams, CPRP
Director of Recreation
Jon MichaelJon Michael
Director of Information Technology

Kim Nooncaster
Executive Assistant to the
Executive Director
Board Secretary

Finance & Administration

Cole Center: 630-897-0516

Diana Erickson, CPRP Sr. Director of Finance & Administration 630-897-0516
Jennifer Paprocki Assistant Director of Finance & Administration 630-897-0516
Jorie Aloisio Finance Accounting Specialist 630-897-0516
Michael Pieroni Risk Manager 630-897-0516
Human Resources
Diana Erickson, CPRP Sr Director of Finance and Administration 630-897-0516
Jadianaie Aguilar Human Resources Assistant 630-897-0516
Information & Technology
Jon Michael Director of Information Technology 630-897-0516
Jeremy Andersen Information Technology Manager 630-897-0516
Marketing & Communications
Dan Leahy Director of Marketing & Communications 630-966-4552
TBD Marketing & Digital Communications Manager 630-966-4527
Debbie Smith, CPRP Community Outreach Manager 630-966-4555
Stephanie Hopp, CPRP Creative Services Manager 630-897-0516, ext. 1019
Frank Johnson Sponsorship and Business Development Specialist 630-966-4515
Fox Valley Park Foundation
Rachel Ossyra Director of Development 630-966-4515
Planning, Developments & Grants
Jeff Palmquist, CPRP Sr. Director of Planning, Research and Grants 630-897-0516
Greg Stevens Senior Park Planner 630-897-0516
Nate Troia Landscape Architect 630-897-0516
Park Operations & Facility Maintenance
Melissa Harrison Administrative Services Supervisor 630-897-0516

Park Operations

John Kramer Director of Operations 630-966-4526
Jerad Campbell Assistant Director – Parks 630-966-4521
OPEN Park Grounds Supervisor, East 630-851-6892
Jimmy Schmidt Park Grounds Supervisor, West 630-896-6480
OPEN Athletic Fields Supervisor 630-966-4541
Chris Kuehn Manager of Trees, IPM & Lakes 630-896-6480
Helen Wohlfeil Horticulture & Natural Areas Supervisor 630-897-4261

Facility Maintenance

Greg Dickson Trades Manager 630-966-4524
OPEN Aquatics Maintenance Supervisor 630-978-5708
Park Police & Public Safety
David Summer Chief of Police and Public Safety 630-264-7421
Barb Thome Police Records Coordinator 630-264-7421
Jaime Ijams, CPRP Director of Recreation 630-966-4550
Michael Hayes, CPRP Superintendent of Recreation 630-966-4502

Eola Community Center

Ivan Chambers Facility Manager 630-966-4543
Ryan Kertson Recreation Supervisor 630-966-4559
Emily Payne Fitness Supervisor 630-851-8990
Annette Nocek Recreation Supervisor—Gymnastics/Poms/Cheerleading 630-966-4547
Gregory Woolford Program Manager: Camps, Early Childhood & Child Care 630-851-8990
Deedee Buscher Preschool Program Coordinator 630-851-8990
Rachael Davies Guest Services Coordinator 630-851-8990

Prisco Community Center

Krista Mulready Facility Manager 630-966-4561
Lauren Jansen Performing Arts Manager 630-966-4548
Tanya Osika Dance Coordinator 630-859-8606
Jennifer Schmidt Recreation Supervisor: Active Adults/Friendly Center 630-966-4554
Erin O’Brien Recreation Supervisor – Dance 630-859-8606
Rafael Martinez Athletic & Fitness Specialist 630-859-8606
OPEN Guest Services Coordinator 630-966-4558
Gracie Aviles Guest Services Representative 630-859-8606

Vaughan Athletic Center

Cody Kamp, CPRP Facility Manager 630-978-5704
Matt Odom Recreation Program Manager 630-978-3595
Brad Schmidt Tennis Manager 630-978-5709
Brett Meier Fitness Center Manager 630-907-9600, ext. 1102
Kellie McKanna Fitness Program Coordinator 630-978-3594
Erik Enslen Aquatics Manager 630-978-9600, ext. 1130
Erin Collins  Recreation Supervisor: Camps, Child Care & Special Events 630-978-3593
Mike Kenny Athletic Specialist 630-978-3592
Selena Hay Birthday Parties 630-978-5707
Donna Eisses Tennis Operations Coordinator 630-907-9600, ext. 1122
Jonathan Kerch Youth Tennis Coordinator 630-907-9600, ext. 1109
Hayden Howes Membership & Corporate Services Supervisor 630-978-7225
Yannieliss Gonzalez Guest Services Representative 630-907-9600
Mary Bryant Member Services Representative 630-978-3597
Selena Hay Guest Services Coordinator 630-978-9600
Rich Brunker Custodial Maintenance Supervisor 630-978-7214
Tennis Desk 630-907-8067

Blackberry Farm

Sandie Gilmer Facility Manager 630-892-1550
Holly Wiggins Rentals & Events Supervisor 630-264-7408
Laureen Baumgartner, CPRP Historical Education Programmer 630-892-1550
Luke Prisco Maintenance Coordinator 630-892-1550

Red Oak Nature Center

OPEN Facility Manager & Naturalist 630-897-1808
Christy Graser, CIG Environmental Education Supervisor 630-897-1808

Copley Boxing & Training Center

Rafael Martinez Recreation Supervisor 630-898-7500

Orchard Valley Golf Course & Orchards Restaurant

Aaron Reinhart Superintendent of Golf 630-877-2972

Splash Country Water Park

Michael Hayes, CPRP Superintendent of Recreation 630-966-4502
Erik Enslen Aquatics Manager 630-907-9600, ext. 1130

Phillips Park Family Aquatic Center

Michael Hayes, CPRP Superintendent of Recreation 630-966-4502
Erik Enslen Aquatics Manager 630-907-9600, ext. 1130

Stuart Sports Complex

Josh Barry Outdoor Athletics and Events Manager 630-978-9082
Kevin Glock Outdoor Athletics Coordinator  630-897-0516

Lippold Outdoor Recreation Center

Margaret Gazdacka, CPRP Facility Supervisor, Red Oak Nature Center 630-897-1808
Programs At-A-Glance
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  • Ages 0-2
  • Ages 3-5
  • Ages 6-8
  • Ages 9-12
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Active Adults
  • Leagues
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