Fox Valley Park District

NEW! Fox Valley Flash Track Team

Help your athlete to the next level with Fox Valley Flash Elite and Jr. Elite Track Club. Featuring a 16-week season, this AAU affiliated program features competitive and recreational levels, uniforms, season-end awards and top-level coaching (see more below). All instruction will take place at the Vaughan Athletic Center.

Quick Facts

  • For Ages 5-18 years
  • 16-week season (Nov. to Feb.)
  • Based at Vaughan Athletic Center
  • Competitive meets
  • AAU Membership

Register starting August 4 (for residents. Aug. 13 for non-residents)

Fox Valley Flash Registration

Coaches Background

We will have a top-notch coaching staff in place for our competitive and recreational teams this fall. Julio Mercado was a member of the Mexican national team and reached elite level in the 800, 1,500 and 5K as an athlete. As a coach, he has over 20 years of experience and has built up the Wolf Pack program over the years and reached great heights with individual athletes and his teams. He will continue to lead the way for middle-to-long distance running with the Flash. Lesroy Tittle was the head coach for the Illinois Lightning Track Club in recent years and had great success with them in both AAU and USATF. Speed and conditioning are primary areas of expertise and focus for him and he will bring high levels of motivation and passion with him to the team.

How this fits in with school-based athletics

The Fox Valley Flash will be competing in high-level, competitive track & field meets in AAU. Our team will be competing with the best athletes and teams in the area. It can function as a stand-alone track & field experience for young athletes, an extra opportunity for high school athletes (contact Mike Kenny for more details) or an introduction to newer or less-experienced athletes with our recreational team option. There are great options at an affordable rate with the Fox Valley Flash.

Great Expectations

Fox Valley Flash participants will receive excellent, hands-on instruction and training from a first-rate coaching staff. We expect to be very competitive at both the individual and team levels knowing what we know about the results that were achieved with Coach Mercado and  Wolf Pack Running Club and Coach Tittle and his experience with the Illinois Lightning Track Club. And having established a successful team for the 2018-19 indoor season, we look forward to carrying that momentum over to the 2019 outdoor season that will run next spring-summer.

Why Fox Valley Flash?

We wanted to be able to offer an affordable AND high-quality program that ALL Park District residents would be able to be participate in. The Wolf Pack Running Club was already a well-established middle-to-long distance running club for the Park District that helped prepare many young runners for high school and collegiate careers. It made sense to expand on the Wolf Pack idea by expanding the coaching staff and focusing on all running events and field events as well.

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