For the safety of all participants and volunteers, the Fox Valley Park District has canceled the
2019 Mid-Am Canoe and Kayak Race. Read more here.

The running of the 58th Annual Mid-American Canoe & Kayak Race is scheduled to launch on Sunday, June 2. The fact we’ve experienced a volatile, wet spring requires no reminder. However, please know that we’re monitoring the Fox River’s behavior, water levels and flow rate on a daily basis, as the race inches closer.

In doing so, we use the United States Geological Society (USGS) water measurements to keep an eye on current river conditions, along with the National Weather Service River Forecast, which predicts the river’s flow rate up to one week in advance.

A flow rate is measured in cubic feet per second (cfps). The acceptable flow rate to safely traverse the river is no faster than 2,100 cfps. That will be our threshold to determine the fate of this year’s Mid-Am, for paddler safety is paramount to any decision we make.

It’s important to note that the river’s flow rate can drop significantly after just a few days of sunshine and dry conditions. Conversely, the flow rate can rise during and after any significant spells of rainfall.

Weather forecasts are pointing to additional precipitation chances for most of the next 10-day period. The intensity and frequency of these rain events will determine our decision regarding the race.

Please note: The color you see at the top of the page is today’s CURRENT, real-time condition and subject to change. We’re targeting shortly after the Memorial Day holiday as our date for a final decision as to whether or not to proceed with the 2019 event. Should we be forced to cancel, all pre-registered race participants will receive a full refund.

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Event Alert System
The Event Alert System is a color-coded method of quickly communicating to participants the potential for adverse weather conditions that can affect the event. A series of color codes is used to indicate the increasing severity of adverse conditions as outlined below: