eCARE is a Park District run program, housed in Fox Valley Park District facilities, which offers full-day options for children whose parents require extended care.

eCARE is designed to meet the needs of parents and children in kindergarten through 5th grade outside of school hours. This extended CARE program helps provide solutions for families in our community by providing activities, recreation and enrichment for the youth in collaboration with the school district. Arts and crafts, healthy snacks, indoor and outdoor play, eLearning/homework time and games are offered under the supervision of qualified, caring staff.

  • It is our goal to provide quality CARE where the participants feel safe, stay active and are fully supervised. We look forward to this school year to offer extracurricular activities, create lifelong friendships and create school aged memories.

Please register here to request a spot in the eCARE program – $10 Non-refundable fee

Those that pre-register will be sent a link on Thursday or Friday to sign up for the location they prefer along with a registration password before registration opens up to all.


eCARE options:
Full Day: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

General eCARE Info:

  • Flexible options for full day care two, three or five days a week
  • Child to staff ratio 10:1
  • Activities Include: Recreation, Arts & Crafts, eLearning/homework time and social distancing appropriate games indoor & outdoor
  • Children should bring their electronic device for eLearning/homework time
  • All campers must bring and a wear a face mask to eCARE each day.
  • COVID-19 Standards Pre-screening questions will be asked daily at drop off.

Scholarship Program
The Fox Valley Park District recognizes that all residents should have opportunities to participate in recreation programs. The District offers a scholarship program to resident families who are at or below the federal poverty level. Residents who qualify may apply to receive up to $160 for each member of the family towards scholarship eligible programs each year. Application and additional information are available at

Looking for Preschool Options? Check out our Creative Play and Nature Play Preschool Programs at

  • eCARE Options / Flexible Options
  • Fees
  • eCARE Registration
  • Day Off School Programs
  • Winter Break and Spring Break Camps
  • Staff
  • ePact
  • eCARE Options / Flexible Options

    Flexible Options:

    Two, three and five-day options available

    • 2 full days: Tuesday/Thursday
    • 3 full days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
    • 5 full days: Monday through Friday (5% discount for five day option)

    No School/eCARE Days: Sept. 7 & Oct. 12 – Please see Day Off School Program section for programs available on those days.


    What’s the Costs? 

    eCARE Fees
    Full Day: $40 / day

    • 5% discount given if signing up for 5-day program ($38/day)
    • Paid in Full or Monthly electronic payment options available (online)
    • Does not include School District Holidays (Sept. 7 or Oct. 12) – Please see Day Off School Program section for programs available on those days.
    The payment schedule will be as follows for Prisco, Vaughan & Red Oak
    Session: Aug. 24 – Oct. 30 – following D129 & EASD131  
    • $100 Deposit due upon Registration (applied towards total cost)
    • August payment due Aug. 28: 5-day $344.80 / 3-day $204 / 2-day $140
    • September payment due Sept. 15 & 28: 5-day $344.80 /3-day $204 /2-day $140
    • October payment due Oct. 15 & 28: 5-day $344.80 / 3-day $204/ 2-day $140 
    The payment schedule will be as follows for the Eola Community Center 
    Session: Sept. 3 – Oct. 30 – following D204 
    • $100 Deposit due upon Registration (applied towards total cost)
    • August payment due Aug. 28: 5-day $284 /3-day $164 /2-day $116
    • September payment due Sept. 15 & 28: 5-day $284 /3-day $164 /2-day $116
    • October payment due Oct. 15 & 28: 5-day $284 /3-day $164 /2-day $116 
    eCARE Registration

    eCARE Registration  

    Registration for Fox Valley Park District eCARE program can be completed online for the fall session at one of the available Fox Valley Park District Locations! Click here to choose your option and register online.

    • eCARE program‘s payments are based on the school district’s remote attendance days divided into 2 equal payments per month.
    • The installment amount is based on the schedule for which your child is registered (Tuesday/Thursday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Monday through Friday).
    • Paid in Full or EFT Auto Payment is required.
    • Payments will be withdrawn on the 15th and 28th of each month beginning Aug. 28.
    • eCARE staff cannot accept payments. Payments must be made online.
    Day Off School Programs

    One Day of Fun Camp

    Enjoy a fun-filled day off of school with recreational games, sports, arts, crafts, and other activities. Participants should bring a nut-free lunch, water bottle, and two snacks.

    Winter Break and Spring Break Camps

    Each year, the Fox Valley Park District offers a Winter Break and Spring Break Camps at the Fox Valley Park District while school is not in session. Additional Program Information and dates will be available soon.

    • Child to staff ratio at 10:1
    • All Staff are CPR, AED and First Aid Certified
    • Screened:
      • State Background Check
      • Sex Offender Registry Check
      • Address and Social Security Verification

    The Fox Valley Park District will be utilizing ePACT to obtain all emergency contact and necessary medical information for your eCARE participant. Parents will receive an email from ePACT asking them to complete the needed information for your child which will need to be completed prior to drop off on the first day of the program. The use of ePACT also creates the opportunity for a paperless check-in and check-out system at eCARE. Your personal information will only be available to Fox Valley Park District and will not be shared with any outside sources. For help regarding ePACT, please reach out to the supervisor of the eCARE program you are enrolled in.

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