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Peregrine Falcon Web Cam – Leland Tower

Falcon Cam – Live Stream!

This project was made possible in part through the generous donation of time and talents by Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. 

A unique partnership between the Fox Valley Park District, Alarm Detection Systems, Inc., the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Leland Tower’s management, nature enthusiasts now have a “bird’s eye” view into the nesting habits of Peregrine falcons.

A newly installed falcon-cam sits high above downtown Aurora, offering a high-definition look at the fastest animal on Earth. Though they’ve been spotted nearby, the falcons have not taken up residence in a special nesting box provided by Red Oak Nature Center and the Fox Valley Park District.

Once extinct in Illinois, the peregrines are becoming a frequent sight – and now can be seen by thousands more thanks to this new attraction. This ongoing partnership will allow the public to observe these spectacular birds through a technology solution provided by Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

Why is Aurora an ideal location for the Falcons? Peregrines typically live along riverside cliffs and bluffs. Urban areas offer high rises and balconies that provide similar features. Cities also support large populations of pigeons and starlings, which are preferred dining options for the falcons.  

Falcons dive-bomb their prey, reaching speeds as high as 240 mph. By comparison, cheetahs – the fastest land animal – reach 60 mph.

In 2015, Illinois officials removed peregrines from the state’s endangered species list as these large predator birds continue to build back their populations.



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