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Sports Saturdays through Feb. 28 – Free fun for grade-school kids

Once upon a time, kids played sports at local parks and gyms. But those venues don’t seem to get quite the same workout from the younger generation these days, replaced […]

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Reasons – and places – to love snow, ice and cold  

Local TV news anchors are aghast, reporting on the recent cold snap as if it were a wild freak of nature that’s descended upon us without warning. Pardon me, but… […]

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Ice rinks are now open!

Ice rinks are now open. Please check the website for skating conditions and updates before visiting.  This winter, the Fox Valley Park District will operate and maintain ice rinks at […]

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Parks, recreation and… FVPD has more big plans for 2015

As the calendar turns, a new horizon looms. At the Fox Valley Park District, we share in the excitement that comes with a fresh outlook. Here’s a sneak peek at […]

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Lippold - Boardwalk - Fall

These holiday gifts last for years and years and…

At the Fox Valley Park District, gift-giving goes far beyond Christmas Day. We have gifts under the tree – make that trees – 365 days a year. They are in […]

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Programs At-A-Glance
  • January at Eola Community Center
  • January at Prisco Community Center
  • December at Vaughan Athletic Center
  • January at Outdoor Facilities
  • Ages 0-2
  • Ages 3-5
  • Ages 6-8
  • Ages 9-12
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Active Adults
  • Leagues
  • Outdoors
  • Low Cost, No Cost
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